Build transmission for DSM by myself

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Transmission released new version 2.93 already, while I still could not find the upgraded version in the SynoCommunity repository.

The current 2.92 version has one issue on my system that it causes memory leak and will be killed finally by the kernel, so I have to create a job to check the memory usage and restart it automatically.

I want to upgrade to this new version as 2.92 was released several years ago, and also hope to get better performance, so I decided to build the package by myself.

I spent almost one night to finish this task, so I think such experience maybe could be helpful in the future or for other people, so I reinstalled the development environment just now and will redo all the steps.

Below three web pages gave me much help:
       Developers HOW TO
       Setup Development Environment

First, I selected the last stable Debian as the primary development system, and just installed the base packages and the SSH server.

Then, run below commands to install all the needed packages:

Clone the SynoCommunity repository and modify the needed files:

Now check your system architecture on this page:

Architecture per Synology model

And you can find all supported architectures and versions from below command:

For DSM 5.2 and DS3615xs(bromolow), just need to run below commands:

And then will find the compiled package in the folder:

To get the package for DS3617xs(broadwell) on DSM 6.1, run below commands:

Then change the 'Trust Level' and you can install the package manually.

Build transmission for DSM by myself


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