Fix Zidoo X9S WIFI issue

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When I bought the X9S device, I did not know its WIFI was so not stable.

Sometimes, when I am watching movie, I have to disable/enable WIFI several times as the connection status will become fake and could not play movie for me.

This issue confused me for a long time and I could not fix it.

While several days ago, when I checked the kernel log, I found below information:

So it seems X9S has the WIFI power save mode enabled, and run below command to confirm my assumption.

I wanted to disable it automatically and wrote some simple commands to the /etc/rc.local file.

The IPADDR is the assigned ip of the wireless adapter and after such change I played two movies and it worked really well.


Update: I found another more important reason of this issue was about the SMB settings on the DSM system, please check below screen shot:

Fix Zidoo X9S WIFI issue


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