Fixed the ‘Crashed’ Basic volume of Synology NAS

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I did not know why my NAS said one of the Basic volumes as 'Crashed' and I could not write files to it. At the beginning I though it should be easy task so I logged the system through SSH directly and umounted the filesystem and run a 'e2fsck' on it. It got some errors and fixed them then I could mount it without any issue, and of course I could write it without any problem.

It was fixed, right? Yes, until I rebooted the NAS.

After the reboot, I found this volume still was marked as 'Crashed' and the filesystem became readonly again. And this time I wanted to fix it permanently.

When I tried to assembly the raid array, I got below error message:

I checked the raid array and the disk partition, while could not find any issue:

So for some unknown reason, I always got the wrong state in the /proc/mdstat:

There was an '[E]' letter and I though maybe it meant 'Error', so how to clear it?

I searched and read lots of posts, and below one save me:


I found similar solutions before reaching this post, while I did not dare to try it as I had not copied all the data, but the above information gave me more confidence and I run below commands:

After that I checked the volume state again and the annoying 'Crashed' became 'Normal'. :)


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