Print spooler failed to start with error 0x800706b9

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Could not believe it took me more than 3 hours to just install a printer!

Just now helped one relative to install HP printer on Sureface and always failed. At the beginning the driver could not be installed, so I removed all the 360 Security Guard files and the driver could be installed but when I connected to the WIFI printer, I would always got an error and failed.

I found someone mentioned sometimes restarting of the 'print spooler' service could fix this issue so I tried to restart it and always got the error 0x800706b9.

I googled and got below possible workarounds:

Oh, all of the above failed and I had to search more, and got this website:

windows无法启动print spooler服务 资源不足,无法完成该操作

I did my last try and run 'netsh winsock reset' then reboot the computer.

Oh, my God, I found the service was started successfully, then configured the printer and did some tests to confirm it worked well.

Hope next time you could fix such issue in several minutes. :)



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