ACFS-9459 & ACFS on Oracle and RHEL7.4

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Sometimes, when I installed the Oracle GI and run the asmca, I could create volume and acfs easily, while I never know the background of such things.

This time, I need to create a shared cluster filesystem for usage. At the beginning, I thought I should install the oracleasm rpm package. I searched lots of documents while still could not know what I should install to enable ADVM/ACFS.

According to Oracle best practice, to use ASM, usually I would install oracleasm and related packages. But one project changed my mind. During that project, sometimes the asm disks could not be recognized during the boot and the cluster would fail to start. After that, I usually create asm disk on the physical disk directly. While to use ACFS, I were not sure if I should install the recommended oracleasm rpm packages or not. In fact, I did installed one of them but removed it finally as it was not used by ADVM/ACFS.

The issue was that when I installed the oracleasm package, the kernel was upgraded from 3.10.0-693 to 3.10.0-957, while from the patched GI home I learnt maybe I should install 3.10.0-862. I found this version is the same as RHEL7.5 and downloaded it last night.

So installed the 3.10.0-862 kernel and I began to run command:

I knew the version was supported as I could find it under the GI home, but I got below error:

What?! Although below webpages could not fix this issue while they did help me:

ACFS-9129: ADVM/ACFS not installed in Oracle Linux 6

Oracle 11g 新特性 – ACFS 说明

I also tried the original version 3.10.0-693.el7.x86_64 while also no lucky.

I did some attempts but all failed until I found below one:

解决在RHEL/CentOS7.4以上版本无法使用AFD(Oracle ASMFD)特性

Then I checked the installed kmod version, yes, it was 20-15 and should be upgraded.

Also I read the notes from Oracle support website:

ACFS and AFD report "Not Supported" after installing appropriate Oracle Grid Infrastructure Patches on RedHat (Doc ID 2303388.1)

It said usually the kmod library rpms should be upgraded at the same time.

So to fix this issue, I installed kmod-20-21.el7.x86_64 (should be enough) and kmod-libs-20-21.el7.x86_64.

Then I run below commands to enable the ADVM/ACFS support:



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