How to display the obsoleted packages and versions of a RPM?

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These days I patched some servers using a standard script and it run successfully on most nodes until last night.

It failed on two nodes and the primary issue was about the python34 package.

I got below messages from the log:

Package python34.x86_64 0:3.4.9-1.el7 will be obsoleted
Package python34-libs.x86_64 0:3.4.9-1.el7 will be obsoleted

While there were other packages required them so they could not be removed.

The new replacing package named python3 and it is a 3.6 version, while I also found it worked well with python34 on other servers.

I thought maybe the newer python34 would not be obsoleted by the python3 package and it took me several hours to get below command:

[root@sxxxxx ~]# rpm -q --qf '[%{obsoletename} %{obsoleteflags:depflags} %{obsoleteversion}\n]' python3
python36 < 3.6.8-10.el7
python34 < 3.4.9-3
[root@sxxxxx ~]# rpm -qa|grep '^python34-3'

It confirmed my conclusion clearly. :)


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