‘lsnrctl status’ could not display the status of running listener correctly

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My friend got this issue and wanted to know the reason, so I built a test VM to verify it.

The dbss scirpt was used to start their instances and he found if he run 'dbss start' then he could get the correct information about listener:

While if he run 'systemctl start dbss' then would get below error:

And below was the config file of systemd service:

At the beginning I did not use his config file as the dbss script would generate one automatically, and I could not reproduce this issue, so I knew this issue was caused by his config file.

At the same time, I found below information from the strace file:

And also I found I could access the database using ezconnect.

I remembered listener should create some socket files under /tmp/.oracle or /var/tmp/.oracle, but from the strace file we could not find such files and got the 'TNS-12541: TNS:no listener' error.

I rechecked his config file and found there was one option 'PrivateTmp=true' and I seldom used it, so Google helped me:

So I removed it and tested all the things again, now the listener worked well. :)


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    • Rainny Rainny 0

      Very appreciate for this test and I will deploy it as soon as possible, thank you my good friend!