not syncing: Attempted to kill init

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Several days ago, I run 'yum update' while failed:

Just now when I checked the log, I found similar errors happened many times while unfortunately at that time I just thought maybe one package failed.

I did not know why I got this error as there should be enough memory:

Anyway, I stopped mysql and nginx and tried to run 'yum update' again, and got this:

OK, run 'yum-complete-transaction':

Do you find something wrong? I should read the output more carefully but I did not.

I wanted to finish the update in a short time so I did some attempts and had to remove the ntp package and finally run the 'yum update' successfully.

I did not find lots of packages were removed wrongly. :(

Then I installed the ntp again and run the 'yum update' to confirm all the packages were the latest ones:

Then I rebooted the server and lost access to it.

From the console, I got the error messages similar with below:

I could not boot an Linux image to the rescue mode and at last I found one way to boot the system by adding kernel parameter selinux=0.

And removed the rhgb and quiet boot options, I found the root cause was the system could not load selinux policy, so I tried to regenerate the selinux policy by 'semodule -B'. I got some errors as some folders did not exist, so created them and run it finally.

While if I enabled the selinux, I would fail to boot the system again so temporarily I had to disable it.

Then I found mysql and php-fpm were not installed so had to reinstalled them to make my website work and had to restore some configuration files.

I was so tried these days that I wrote this note late, but currently I still do not know why 'yum update' did not upgrade those packages but removed them? Bug?


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