Some strange behaviours of parted

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Last night when I made partitions of one large 3T flash disk, I got some issues with the parted command.

The flash disk would be used as an Oracle ASM disk, so I preferred to split it to two partitions and every one would use half of it and the size would less than 2TB.

Below are some examples in my own VM and I only could add a 2TB hark disk.

So to create two primary partitions, I run below commands:

Please note the partition names were the same!

On some systems such thing will cause warning messages in the /var/log/messages file:

So we'd better correct this issue:

Another issue was that if the partition had been formatted before, and then I removed it and created a new partition, the filesystem information would be kept.

It was not a big issue if I would create a new filesystem on it, but I created it for Oracle ASM usage and it took me one hour to figure out I need to sweep the filesystem first or the installation program would never find it!


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