The difference between IP address and Hostname when creating SSH User Equivalency

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I provided a 12c RAC step-by-step installation guide to client and he got issue during the deployment. Be specific, he failed the SSH User Equivalency:

I never got such issue so I asked him to check if he could login the nodes without password, and he showed me some screen shots and it was clear he could login these nodes with IP addresses without password.

I did below tests to duplicate his issue and also knew how to fix it.

Of course I removed all the rows in the .ssh/known_hosts file before the test.

So if I updated the test command using ip address instead of hostname, it would work.

I did not want to modify the cluster verification script so I continued my test.

Oh, I noted I got two rows of the same node. The good thing was that I could pass the test command.

Now I removed the generated two rows and used the hostname directly.

Now I got one row including both hostname and ip address and I also passed the test commands. :)


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