Dangerous behavior of ‘create spfile’ in 12c RAC

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These days I was testing some commands of the system parameters and the PFILE/SPFILE, and unfortunately, I encountered a really bad bug in my test environment.

My RAC DB is, and I did below tests about the 'create pfile/spfile' command:

The configuration of the database resource of test db:

Please note the value of the parameter Spfile: +DATA/rac12/spfilerac12.ora.

Find what? Yes, every time I run the 'create spfile', then it would update the configuration of the database resource.

So it was easy that sometimes you found the DBs were using different SPFILE:

I had to say it was a really stupid action, and I found bug:

Bug 18799993 CREATE SPFILE updates the DB resource by default as of 12.1

and got:

I patched my test DB soon, and run the tests again:

So I still could not specify the the path of the generated SPFILE.

Continued to test with 'as copy' option:

So, in RAC DB environments, after version, I suggest:

  1. Install the corresponding patch or the latest PSU.
  2. Try to use the 'as copy' option for all your 'create spfile from pfile' command.



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