Got ORA-28500 during ODBC configuration from Oracle 10g to MySQL

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These days I tried to configure ODBC to access MySQL from Oracle 10g, and I believed all of my configurations were correct, while when I run a select statement from Oracle database, I always got below error:

It seemed maybe the password was not correct, but I already confirmed more than two times and even copied the password.

Below were some key files for the ODBC configuration:

Using the isql command, I confirmed the ODBC configuration files were correct.

And about the Oracle ODBC configuration files:

Then I created a database link and did a test:

On the same server, I had Oracle 11g installed so I did the same test on it.

The only difference was about the Listener configuration file:

And I found it worked well on Oracle 11g:

Very weird, right? It should be a bug in the Oracle 10g hsodbc program and it wasted me two nights to check the configurations.

Below is a workaround for me: change the password of the MySQL user and make sure not special characters included.

So I changed the password from "My#DB" to "QWE123asd" and this issue was fixed! :(


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