ORA-01180: can not create datafile 1

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Last night I prepared one restore guide for a friend, and I found when I restored the full database, I always got below error:

I already set new name for the system data file, while what the new name was, I always got this error.

It was weird that I had been restored databases many many times, and I double checked the restore statements to make sure they were correct.

I did not found way to fix it and until the next day I realized maybe I made one simple mistake and caused this issue. From Oracle support webiste, I found a reply said that Oracle would do similar thing when there was no backup of the datafile, so the reason was that there was no backup for the database?

Then I restored it again and it worked well.

So, why I did catalog the backup first?

I made the backup both database and controlfile at the same time, and I though the contofile should already have the backup information, and the restore was on the same server, so I made such assumption.

So if I double checked the backup information, I could finish the restore in several minutes.

And how to backup them both and the control file will contain the backup information? Is it possible? :)


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