ORA-12547 on SUSE12/SLES12

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My friend told me his team installed Oracle on a new SLES12 system while could not create the database, even could not use the sqlplus.

SLES is also a famous Linux distribution, so I thought Oracle could run on it well, then I installed a test VM and tried to duplicate this issue while failed. In other words, I could run the same OS and DB on my VM really well.

While my friend still got the error:

I did some search and we corrected some limits settings, while still failed to run the sqlplus.

From the alert log file, we got below error messages:

Through the stack call, we got notes id 2297117.1, and found the root cause of this issue:

And the solution:

  1. Modify the "/etc/ld.so.conf" adding "/lib64/noelision" as the FIRST entry. It should look similar to the following:
  2. Create a link in $ORACLE_HOME/lib for the noelision version of the libpthread library: (please replace with your own one)
  3. Re-logon oracle and see if the sqlplus works.

And it did work!




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