Patch Set Update will not be installed on the GI home using opatch auto

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First of all, let me show you the installation log:

Perfect! Right? No any error, and even the message said 'succeeded'.

When I got almost the same log the third time, I knew there was something wrong as I could not find the related log of the GI home.

(Note: below logs are from both customer system and my own test machines so they are mixed. Sorry)

And the result could be confirmed easily:

I tried to install it directly on the GI home:

Its better that at least I knew it failed.

Next I continued to install it as GI owner and it worked.

Attached the patch log here: GI_Patch_Log

In RHEL7, we have to use the perl from the GI home or we will get below error:

And now we could make sure it was installed:



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