Some issues during the Oracle RAC installation on openSUSE 15.2

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In last week, I installed an Oracle RAC on openSUSE 15.2 and got some issues. Although the installation was successful finally, it still took me much more time than the same thing on RHEL.

I list them here and hope to help more people.

1. No gcc48

More details could be found on below link:

gcc48 on SuSE/OpenSUSE

2. Passwordless SSH connectivity check will be failed

Another temporary solution is by downgrading openssh to earlier version(openssh-7.6p1-7.8.x86_64) on the installation node, then retry.

3. dbca will fail

4. After reboot, the crsd failed to start

Please find note Doc ID 2270947.1 for more detail.

Or here: Installation of Oracle Clusterware 12c(12cR1 & 12cR2) on SLES 12 fails with CRS-8503 [Signal Exception 11] (Doc ID 2270947.1)

I did below part and this problem was fixed.

So you'd better do the workaround before the installation for the issue 4.

For the production environments, I always recommend the certified operating systems.


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