Configure iSCSI target on latest NexentaStor Community Edition

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Last night I installed the latest NexentaStor Community Edition (5.2.1) and tried to create an iSCSI target then added it to some ESXi nodes to build my home lab environment.

At the beginning I though I could finish such things in a short time but finally it took me more than half day. :(

The installation was easy and I just selected some options as below:

  1.  27 for the keyboard language
  2.  Select 'Manual installation'
  3.  Select root disk ( I had two disks, so just selected the local one and left the other for shared datastore)
  4.  Assign the Computer Name and the Static IP address
  5.  Select 'default' storage profile
  6.  Select timezone
  7.  Do not run ntp client
  8.  Input admin user's password
  9.  Input Replication password
  10.  Begin installation

Then I tried to manage the system with web interface but failed. Yes, from version 5, have to manage it using console in Community Edition.

Although I was not afraid of shell interface I still did not feel comfortable as it was the first time I touched such NAS system.

First had to enable NAT NIC to access the internet and activate it:

Below steps were to create one simple volume and map it to a iSCSI target group for lab test.

Note: some documents said '-b 4096' should be used when creating the lunmapping, while if I added the option '-b 4096' then the ESXi would never found the iSCSI lun.

I failed here more than one day!

On the ESXi side, it was really simple and there were many posts about how to configure iSCSI devices on ESXi.


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