Unable to login after vCenter was updated

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These days we patched the vCenter nodes to 41000 and one of them failed to login after the update.

The update process was finished successfully while after the reboot when I tried to login it through the VMware Appliance Management page I always got 'Unable to login' prompt and nothing happened.

I waited for several minutes and even I could login the updated vCenter to manage ESXi hosts and VMs, I still could not login the management page on port 5480. I made sure the password was correct so I guessed something was wrong after the update.

Google is always a great helper and I found below web page:

Solved: Unable to log into vCenter 6.7 VMware Appliance Management page

I got the same error in the log /opt/vmware/var/log/lighttpd/error.log:

With command 'service-control --status' I found the service applmgmt was stopped so I started it then I could login the management page.

It was weird that this service was configured to start automatically so I will update this post when I find the the reason why it was not started as expected.


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